Unburnt carbon in fly ash

Our instrument  provides significant benefits to coal fired power stations:​​

– Rapid, precise, real-time information on UNBURNT Carbon in the Fly Ash

– No need for accurate sampling, weighing or measurement of evolved gases

– Independent of coal source or particle size

– Non-destructive test

 On-line information is a considerable improvement compared to traditional 24 hours sampling followed by laboratory analysis. Real-time results are reported whilst they are still relevant to plant conditions.

 This prompt information enables:

 – Rapid optimisation of mill and excess air settings

– Optimisation of the combustion process

– Mill performance monitoring

– Improved fly ash quality, leading to increased sales to the cement industry

 This solution is the latest development. The monitors use a microwave interrogation technique, which relies on different responses of carbon and the other particulate matter in the gas stream to determine the amount of carbon present.

 The monitor is designed to connect to an industry standard isokinetic sampler. A sample of fly ash is collected from the flue gas duct (typically around 10 times per hour) and is fed into a sample tube, where the fly ash is vibrated to ensure optimum packing. The sample tube feeds the sample to the analysis zone. Once sufficient sample has been collected, the microwave analysis takes only a few seconds. This method ensures reliable and efficient method of fly ash analysis.

 Changes in unburnt carbon levels in the flue gas ducts enable more responsive combustion control than testing bottom ash which accumulates over longer timeframes.