Air-fuel ratio control

An air-fuel-ratio control strategy plays a fundamental role in the safe and profitable operation of firing systems in heaters, boilers and furnaces. Especially in modern low-NOx burners the air-fuel-ratio has serious impact on the combustion quality. Inefficient conditions caused by an inadequate air-fuel-ratio result in high loss on ignition, emission problems, reduced boiler efficiency and material stress.

Our Solution is a real-time air-fuel control system that considers relevant parameters to exploit the full potential of power plants. It enables the direct adjustment of the air-fuel-ratio, which is the key-driver of combustion. Using physical and model-based measurement data of e.g. coal flow, air flow, coal fineness etc. based on DCS data and our sensors, the secondary air dampers are adjusted to the desired air-fuel-level. Securing correct air-fuel-ratio values, the combustion process can be optimized.